Preschool Room 1 is where our youngest children, beginning at 2 years of age,  develop healthy interpersonal skills in a setting made safe by familiar routine. Time tested and carefully planned activities inside and outside the classroom, help children learn to follow directions and naturally transition from parallel play to interactive play.


In preschool Room 2 children thrive through creative learning in a secure and supportive environment. They are formally introduced to numbers, letters, and computers while also expanding large and fine motor skills. In all of our preschool classes, we are able to enjoy the beautiful outdoor classroom that Santa Barbara provides.  Room 2 students develop a particular interest in the school garden adjacent to their classroom.


PreKindergarten is an academically focused year of explorations. Although Kindergarten readiness is emphasized, students also grow spiritually and develop high regard for others. Curriculum includes a pre-reading program and a math program focusing on number concepts. Classroom themes provide a natural springboard for investigating science and social studies. Motor development and sensory integration activities are a focus of each preschool year, especially in our preK class.       Our preschool staff has been participating in learning offered by the Outdoor Classroom project sponsored by the Orfalea Foundation. These classes and the resources of the Preschool food Initiative have been foundational in developing our own outdoor-rich and healthy choices for our program.